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Planning a wedding is probably one of the most stressful ordeals you will ever put yourself through trying to decide and manage all the moving parts, checking all the boxes from the guest list, the venue to the dress and the caterer.

One of your first decisions when planning a wedding is picking the date, and the summer is always a popular time to get married. It will be your choice to choose which season is best for you, your commitments, vacations, school holidays and of course not forgetting our nearest and dearest grandparents. 

Even if you think a summer wedding has been done too many times, seems overcrowded with brides, it still is the best season to get married.

More guests can attend
If you give your guests enough notice, summer weddings tend to have higher turnout than other reasons. Couples who want their friends and family to be able to attend their wedding should consider a summer wedding for this reason.

You won't have to worry as much about conflicting school schedules or busy work times of the year, while many guests are more inclined to take time off work in the summer than other seasons.

Consistent weather
In most parts of the country, summer is a more consistent time for the weather. In the summer months, the weather does tend to be more consistent. While you can't always plan on the weather, summer does give you better odds of a beautiful day.

More venue options
Modern couples want to incorporate the outdoors into their wedding as it gives your guests more place to roam as well as picturesque views for photos. While it is possible to have an outdoor ceremony or reception in the autumn and spring, it is a gamble. In the summer months, this is less of a concern. You can usually incorporate the outdoors in some way.

Larger flower selection
There are many flowers at their best that you can't get in throughout the rest of the year. Brides in the summer months can capitalise on the fact that more flowers are in bloom than any other time of the year. If you want a beautiful bouquet, your flowers stand a better chance in the summer.

You can still get the flowers you would want during other times of the year but expenses can go up if they must be shipped in from tropical locales or grown in a greenhouse just for your wedding.

Bring in bright colours
Winter weddings, the colour palettes tend to be more subdued to look right with the season. However, most brides want to use more cheerful and bright colours for their wedding since it is a celebration, of course. Summer brides tend to have more colour palette options. You can pick bright hues and not worry that they won't look right for the season.

Better honeymoon options
While places honeymoon destinations can be fun any time of the year if you pick the right one, the summer months give you more options, especially if you're honeymooning locally. If you want to experience certain parts of the world, summer is usually the best time to see these places without bad weather or non-existent services due to it being the low season.

Long engagement
Sometimes too much time can be a bad thing when it comes to planning a wedding. If you don't want a long engagement, six months puts you at having a summer wedding. Getting engaged with six months to spare might sound short notice, but it enough time to plan a wedding and book vendors without having too much time on your hands to overthink things.

Summer nights
During summer the heat-carrying into the night so you and your attendees will be able to dance the night away without having to worry about freezing up and can make the most of the evening. There's also something about warm Summer nights that up the romance factor and even make you want to party into the early hours.

You can get more creative with your reception
Warm weather means more fun and more room for activities. So why not get creative and set up lawn games or summer festival theme, marshmallows by the fire pit when the sun begins to set. Frozen Summer treats also make for great dessert alternatives.

When it comes to having a summer wedding, you have more flexibility in the venue and the specific time of your wedding. Since the weather is consistent in the summer, you can choose from indoor and outdoor venues, so you have a wide selection.

You can even have a hybrid with some parts being indoor while others can have an outdoor section for the wedding. Since it can get dark as late as during the summer, you can have an evening ceremony and then have the reception in time for dinner.

Healthy options
Summer is a perfect time to serve light and healthy foods during your reception. It will most likely be warm during your wedding, so serving something substantial can be overkill. A range of fruits and vegetables will be in-season during the summer so that you can have a menu full of leafy greens. Make sure to serve plenty of water to keep your guest hydrated.

More dress options
Summer brides have the luxury of wearing cheerful, bright colours for their big day. You can pick a bright-hued sleeveless, off-shoulder or backless dress for a stunning look. The sky is the limit during the summer, and you can get a myriad of dress options during the season.

More light for wedding photos
Extra daylight and warm temperatures in the summer months can swing about anyone. The added light can be a critical factor in selecting a wedding date. You will have the luxury of more natural light and time to take your photos without having to rush to take advantage of the last of the sunset.

Whatever season you decide, your day will be perfect come rain or shine!

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