Food Chalkboards

Food Chalkboards

Food chalkboards are an excellent way to let both your existing customers and any passing trade know what your restaurant or bar is selling. They are particularly useful to advertise special events such as Father's Day or for occasion meals such as Sunday lunches.

However, to get the maximum effect from your food chalkboards it is important to regularly change them. If for instance you change your food menus twice a year, with heartier fare in the winter and a lighter menu in the summer, you should also change your food chalkboards at the same time.

Highlighting key menu items that are either high margin or are specialties for your venue is a great way to get more covers flowing from the kitchen. Advertising add-on items such as starters, desserts, and teas and coffees will also help to increase the spend per head for customers, after all they may not have come into your restaurant wanting a piece of hot chocolate fudge cake, but that food chalkboard advertising it has whetted their appetite.

It is important to keep your chalkboards seasonal. Nothing will put customers off more than looking at tired old food chalkboards advertising Christmas menus or Valentine's Day deals. Taking advantage of the change in seasons will not only give you new exciting dishes to prepare, but also help to keep your customers happy – and happy customers return!

Spring and summer food menus are traditionally much lighter than their autumn and winter counterparts. Often including salads, chicken and fish dishes and with less emphasis on pies and stews, spring menus should welcome new and old customers back into your venue for tasty experiences.

Changing your food menus inside your venue couldn’t be easier, either replace your existing ones highlighting seasonal specials and new menu items, or vary the locations of any new food chalkboards to add some interest and maybe catch people’s eye somewhere else. Don’t forget the bathrooms as possible locations for food chalkboards; it will give people something to read if they have to queue!

When changing your food chalkboards for spring, it is important to ensure you remember to also change your outside chalkboards. Pavement Signs and A-boards are both excellent ways of letting passing trade – both on foot and in cars, know that you’ve changed your menu and have brand-new dishes for them to come in and try! Double-sided pavement boards can be used for different offers you may have for night and daytime trade.

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