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Best Man Wedding BoardsIntroduction

It is a matter of pride to be asked to be the best man at a wedding. Whether the groom is a very close friend or part of your family, it is not a minor gesture on his behalf to choose you as his best man. By asking you to stand by his side, the groom has demonstrated not just his affection for you, but also his immense faith in your ability to pull off this responsible task with finesse. So clearly, you have your work cut out for you. The groom wants you to be an integral part of the unforgettable and probably the most important event of his life, his wedding. Now, it is your job to prove yourself worthy of this trust.

If you have never been the best man before and finding it hard to wrap your head around all the duties and responsibilities that you must fulfil, this list might help you get started. 

Throw a stag party for the groom: Let's start with the big one. Planning a stag-do is conventionally the most significant gig of being the best man.

It is incumbent upon you to plan a stag weekend along with the other grooms men and shoulder the cost with other attendees, excluding the groom. You must plan according to the taste of the guests who will be attending the stag night. You may also plan a trip if you want, given everyone agrees on the expenses.

To smoothly plan a stag party, you should communicate with the groom and get a clear idea about who are the people that are to be invited to the stag-do. Loop in every one of the attendees and find out how many of them would be attending. Share all the details, especially the per head expenses in advance, so that everyone can get on the same page. This is one of your biggest responsibilities, make sure not to disappoint the groom.

Co-ordinate outfits

The groom will be expecting you to spend a little on your outfit as the best man. You should get fitted for your suit or Tux in advance. You are also in charge of making sure all the grooms men have also tailored their outfits. If you are thinking about co-ordinating the outfits by a particular theme, needless to say, that will take additional time and effort on your part to get everything right.

Get on the dance floor

As the best man, you should try to mingle with all the guests and make them feel comfortable and welcomed the evening guests too. Dancing is a great way to break the ice, so you should not hesitate to take the initiative of being the first person on the dance floor. 

Sign the marriage license

When the time comes, you will probably be asked to sign the marriage licence as a witness, alongside the maid of honour and the newly-wed couple. Generally, the signing takes place right after the main ceremony, however, if there is any delay, then it is your job to inquire about the reason.

Deliver the best man's toast

In many wedding receptions, there is much anticipation around the speech given by the best man, as it is conventionally the last speech after the groom. If you can keep it nice and funny, it would be good. However, you must not take it as pressure and stuff your speech with jokes that do not work. Keep your speech organic and light-hearted, and most importantly, short.


Amongst all the hustle and bustle of the wedding day activities, you will have your hands full on the wedding day. But setting aside all the above-mentioned duties, your primary responsibility is to just be there for the groom on his big day. Try and make him feel less anxious about the wedding. Be a solid guy on whom he can rely upon to. From taking care of the rings, making sure you have left in time to get to the church (allow for traffic), to walking the groom down the aisle, he will be looking up to you for support. Above all, enjoy the day and be proud of your role as he will be proud that he has you by his side.

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