Something Old, Something Blue...

Custom designed Wedding BoardsThese are traditions of all the years past, but we still use them today so that we can plan a beautiful wedding day knowing we have everything covered!

"Something old" is the first line of a traditional rhyme that details what a bride should wear on her wedding day for good luck:

The old item provided protection for the baby to come.

The item borrowed from another happy bride provided good luck.

The colour blue was a sign of fidelity.

The sixpence—a silver British coin—was a symbol of prosperity or acted as a ward against evil done by frustrated suitors.

If you're looking for a different type of old token of good luck, you'll love these fresh ideas to use on your wedding day.

Something old can be a way to remember cherished and deceased family members who can't be at your wedding. Take one or more favourite vintage photos, such as your parents or grandparents on their wedding day, and create small photo charms. The charms will remind you that they're at your wedding in spirit.

There are many ways to wear antique or vintage jewellery on your wedding day. Slip one onto your bouquet by pinning it to the ribbon. Or, turn a pair of sparkly rhinestone earrings into accents for your bouquet by using floral wire to attach them to a wooden floral pick. If you have a collection of vintage jewels in floral shapes from a loved one.

Family pearls are always a classic choice for brides who want to wear something old. If you prefer to keep your neck free of jewellery, have pearls woven into a hair updo, stitched onto your veil or dress, or crafted into earrings. You can even have them added as a flourish into your bouquet.

Consider wearing a vintage wedding dress that your mother or grandmother once wore. If you can't find a vintage dress that's right for you, there are two options. Opt for an antique veil. Vintage wedding veils can be found online. 

Likely, boutiques have properly preserved and stored the veils, so they're ready to wear. 

Something borrowed combines well with something old which could be a simple piece of jewellery, ring, bracelet, necklace, brooch or earrings. Grandma's necklace being old or a friend's bracelet something borrowed, just remember to keep them safe and return the following day.

Something blue could be a simple blue ribbon sewn into your dress or garter, blue lining on your dress, blue flowers in your bouquet or blue underwear. The ideas are endless... No matter what decisions you make... enjoy your special day!

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