Large Plastic Magnetic Storage Organiser

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This Magnetic Plastic holder is fantastic for the Magnetic Chalkboards we supply, as well as other varied magnetic surfaces, so you can hold various utensils such as Chalk Pens, Chalk, Erasers and more for quick and easy use upon your board of choice!

This plastic colourful style is great for casual and colourful environments, but is still great for any other location! However, if you would like a metallic splash of colour for your Magnetic Holder, take a look at the Magnetic Funky Mesh Holder instead!

If you'd prefer, we also offer a metal version for a premium, durable construction, and even a reduced size version available in both metal or plastic if you need as much board real estate as possible!

Available in 4 Colours : (Colours Subject to Availability)

  • Classic White
  • Lime Green
  • Vibrant Orange
  • Coco Brown

If you require a specific colour, please contact us and we will see about getting the exact colour you desire.

Please Note : Pens are not included with this product.

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