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Everything you need to know when ordering from us, from shipping through to the Design process.

This pandemic has caused extreme stress in the delay and being able to work in a safe environment as well as knock on effect with items being delayed to our customers.

We want to assure you we are doing everything we can to limit delay but we want you to have patience with us knowing it will arrive but we can only do what we can to get your orders delivered to you as quickly as we are able.

Our phone lines have been switched off at the moment as we have no member of staff working in the office as we reply to emails when working from home once we have finished our full day covering the warehouse.

We are a small family run business with and currently we have less staff than usual working in the waregouse due to covid restrictions.

ALL our items are made onsite, by hand, cut by hand, painted by hand and designed by hand then printed. Every item is custom made hence we do not have items sitting on shelves waiting to be picked and packed as we offer too many choices of styles and colours as well as custom size, and design, each product is uniuqe to you.

We have also found many of our other suppliers are struggling too with delays due to this pandemic which has a knock on effect with our overall running and have to look for alternatives where possible.

Currently our designer is working from home so things are not running as normal company procedures are now different and we are trying to resolve any issues as the come. We also had to alter our collection days as they are currently limited as we are trying to stay safe and reduce the amount of contact we have with the general public.

We are a business is registered with both companies house and VAT registered it's just our phone lines we are answering all emails

Please make any enquiries using our info@chalkboardsigns.co.uk and we will if not same day within a couple of days you will get a reply. Rather than leave a negative response or review we will do everything we can to get it sorted beforehand and make it right. Every review is greatly appreciated and therefore we welcome all our past customers to offer their support of the orders we have fulfilled and completed without issues. Going forward, we know that we will do everything we can to get your item. We just simply cannot cope with the pressure of comparing us to items sitting on shelves when our items are simply not made that way.! Please take care and stay safe.

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