Chalkboard (Brick Wall) Fixing Kit

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This Brick Wall Fixing Kit is perfect for when you need a more permanent solution than a hook, or sticky materials to mount a board to a wall. Sometimes, Command Strips just don't cut it, or the surface would be damaged or unsuitable to hang our boards in such a manner! This helps solve said issues by putting it straight up onto a brick wall.

Brick Wall Fixing Kit Includes:

  • Screws -
    To drive the board into the Fixings provided in this kit.

  • Brown Wall Plugs Heavy Duty Raw Fixings -
    To aid the screws in the essential task of gripping the drilled Brick Wall!

  • Black Hinged Cover Caps -
    To cover the screw slot, protecting it from damage, wear and weathering.

Please Note : This Kit does not include the holes pre-drilled into your board. If you require the holes to be drilled into the board by us, please select the hole drilling service on the product or checkout page.

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